What is Plasmabat?

Plasmabat is my solo music project. I released an album in 1987 under this name, and later (11/2002) released a CD of newer music, Compost, and most recently (2007) I released a CD of instrumental music, Twilight Music. So what if it is a zillion years between releases?

The name, Plasmabat, represents my strong interest in both science and symbols. I want there to be magic in the world; I think you have to make your own.

My name is Hugh Caley, and I grew up in a rural town in Michigan. I didn't have many people to play with, so I ended up learning how to play several instruments and recording them separately.

I have since played with several bands, but I still enjoy doing solo music, and letting my imagination go where it will.

Other bands I have played with:
Loomer, and Lickitty Clit, and Sweet Felony