Plasmabat - 1989 - the unreleased album by the Plasmabat band, featuring Doug Gourlay and Glenn and Hugh Caley!

Plasmabat by Hugh - 1987 - the first Plasmabat album, re-released for the first time in digital format!

Incantatus Interruptus

Recorded circa 1983 by Hugh Caley, Andy Knepley and Mark Dumbrowski. A pretty decent recording, 100% improvised. Note the 80's analog guitar synthesizer!The tape runs out, and we continued for another 20 minutes and all of the unrecorded stuff was better than what was actually recorded. I swear. Them's the breaks. Mark was probably the best drummer I've ever played with. He later became a rather famous rock star in his own right, but under a different name and not as a drummer.