Plasmabat by Hugh

for the first time since 1987

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  1. When did Plasmabat by Hugh come out?

    Plasmabat by Hugh was released in 1987, in cassette format only

  2. Why did it take you so long to release it in digital format?

    The original album was recorded on what is now an unusual format, Sony F1. F1 required a VCR for storing the data. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a VCR that worked properly for many years, and have assumed that my master tapes were just too far gone to be used any more. I had pretty much given up. Just recently I came into possession of a nice high-end Mitsubishi VCR, and it just worked. Evidently most VCRs manufactured these days are pretty low quality.

  3. What does it sound like?

    Well, it's all over the place. There's some prog rock, some funky stuff, some ambient stuff. I wanted it to be varied, thinking it would be more entertaining that way. It's very 80s; there are even some Phil Collins drum samples on it! I think the sound quality is pretty good, especially considering that it was mostly recorded on 1st generation "prosumer" 8 track equipment, and everything was played and recorded by myself (well, almost). There are a few digital glitches in the sound due to the age of the tapes and the condition of my VCR. It might very well have been the first album mastered to digital in Michigan!

  4. You played all the instruments?

    All except the drums on "Not Afraid of the Dark" which were played by my friend Alan Waltz, in whose house I was living when I recorded it.

  5. Why did you record it by yourself?

    Well, I grew up in rural Michigan, and wanted to make rock records, and didn't have anyone to play with. So I got used to doing it all myself. I've certainly done a lot of recording with other people since, but I've found there's a special sound I can achieve by myself that is different and worthwhile. Hope you agree!

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